Food and Beverage

Client: National Restaurant Chain
Client since: 2013
Featured Product: Bill consolidation, Communications Management Platform


  • A stronger nationwide footprint was needed to help the business expand into new geographies.
  • Client was overspending on extraneous services, and was unable to identify and eliminate them.
  • Fluctuating tariff rates resulted in unpredictable and increasing spend for the restaurant chain.
  • Employees were overtaxed, attempting to organize and manage all of their communications vendor and solutions.

MetTel Solution:

MetTel’s onboarding process was seamlessly executed, guaranteeing continuous uptime, which was critical to the restaurant chain. Positioning an onsite crew to audit inventory, MetTel exposed all inessential and vulnerable services for decommissioning. MetTel then migrated the restaurant chain’s business lines, optimizing service and strategically selecting providers for each of the 150 locations, while managing residual contracts. To facilitate savings and stabilize monthly service charges, MetTel implemented a rate-lock protection plan, ensuring that tariff increases did not effect the cost to the client. To better gain control of usage and spend, MetTel consolidated all of the client’s lines into a single user-friendly portal.


The client was able to take control and manage their communications services for the first time. MetTel’s wholesale pricing with Rate-Lock protection provided them with an outstanding 43% savings over time. The client has since grown their inventory with MetTel by 100X.

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