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    Colliding stars, black holes and … SD-WAN?

    RCR Wireless News, by MetTel's Ed Fox: Amid all the Mars hoopla, Elon Musk keeps calling for me (and everyone else) to volunteer for the inevitable colony that will ensure the long-term survival of the human race. Once I stopped laughing about my own potential career in space, I got to thinking about communicating with Mars. It can take between three and 22 minutes to send data one direction to or from Mars. What happens if...

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    27 Feb

    How USDA used the cloud to boost efficiency

    GCN, by MetTel's Keith Hochstin: It’s a recurring criticism about government: It squanders taxpayer dollars on $640 toilet seats and $37 screws. While such examples get significant and seemingly perpetual attention (the infamous toilet seats date back to the 1980s), what goes relatively unnoticed is when government makes significant changes to modernize and streamline processes, improve efficiencies and reduce...

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    10 Jan

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